Saturday, 29 September 2012

29.09.2012 - Seventh Day - Performance at the Blackpool Tower Circus

19.30 - Celebration in a teppanyaki restaurant in Leeds. Participants are now filling an evaluation about the workshop.

16.00 - Way back to Leeds.

14.45 - Free Time in Blackpool.

14.00 - End of the show. Mooky, star of the show, is coming back on the stage just for our group to give a Grundtvig Learner Workshop ''Suitcase Circus'' certificate to each participants.

Thanks to Andy for his fab pictures!


12.00 - Beginning of the new Blackpool Tower Circus Show, Mooky V Boooffalo Bill.

11.45 - Beginning of our participants show at the Blackpool Tower Circus

Thanks to Andy for this fab pictures!

11.00 - Arrival at the Blackpool Tower Circus.

8.40 - On our way to the big show at the Blackpool Tower Circus! All participangts are very excited!

This Grundtvig Learner Workshop, SUITCASE CIRCUS, is supported by THE BLACKPOOL TOWER CIRCUS, who invited us to join them on the stage Monday 28th September.

The Blackpool Tower Circus is built amongst the four legs of The Blackpool Tower, a unique setting for a unique show!
This all new Circus Show, Mooky V Boooffalo Bill, will have a distinct Wild West theme. Boooffalo Bill brings his show to town including acts such as the Russian Swing, Wire Walking, Russian Bar, Horizontal Bar and the infamous Water Finale.
Great fun and excitement for all the family – perfect for the school holidays.


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