Wednesday, 19 September 2012

“3 min Skills” presentation

On Monday, 2pm, we will give 3 min to each of you in order to showcase your best circus skills. It would be great if you could already prepare this 3 min individual presentation. If you need any specific equipment please email me by this Tuesday lunch time (Tomorrow!) the list of equipment you may need as well as the technical requirement for it (for example if you want to bring a trapeze or an aerial hoop). Tomorrow afternoon we will have a look at this list and check if we can have this equipment. If not we will ask you to bring it with you. If possible, we will encourage you to try to fit it on your luggage. But if it is not possible, we will add an extra luggage for you.

If you don’t have any circus skills (like me!), do not worry! You can still use (or not) this 3 minutes to present something in particular.

(info sent on Monday 17th Sept 2012)