Wednesday, 12 September 2012

INFO about 2 sessions:

During the workshop (on the Tuesday) we will have an activity called ‘’Circus in Europe’’. In this session, participants will have the chance to introduce circus from their own country . Learners will discover similarities and differences between circus in different nations and how it has evolved through the ages.
It would be great that you begin to think (in group if possible) about that. If you want to present a circus speciality from your country or group, it will be the moment for that.

On the Wednesday, we will organise a workshop called ‘’Clowning costume workshop’’: Participants will present their clowning costumes brought from home and will have the opportunity to design their own outfit for Friday’s performance.
To prepare this session, we would like you to prepare two things:
-          First, it would be great if you could create in group one clowning costume that represent your country, and bring the costume with you. You will be able to present this costume during this session.
-          Secondly, during this workshop you will be able to create your own clowning costume. We will have a big box with clothes and accessories, but you are more than welcome to bring any eccentric clothes/accessories that you have at home and that you would like to use during the session.