Tuesday, 11 September 2012


  • Bring some food/drink with you typical from your country/region that you would like to offer at the intercultural evening.
  • Prepare in group a short presentation (10 minutes maximum for your group) about your city/region through a powerpoint/video. Please bring it on a USBkey and give it to me during the first day of the workshop. Your group will do this presentation during the intercultural evening.
  • Bring one CD of music from your country, that you like, for the intercultural evening.
  • Bring a clown costume that you have designed (one per group) this may be something typical from your country or just something you create. If you have the chance to bring a costume for a child (age 6/7/8 years) this would be good too for the village celebration we will make on Friday afternoon.
  • If you bring electrical appliances don’t forget to bring an UK adaptor.
  • Don’t forget to keep and give us at your arrival all original travel tickets and boarding passes.
  • Bring the Passport Portfolio (that you should receive very soon. We will send it tonight to your organisation).