Tuesday, 11 September 2012

MORE INFO: Questions from participants and answer

"For how many persons should we cook on the intercultural event?"
First it is important to bring food that doesn’t need preparation. There will be no facility to cook. So please bring food ready to eat (for example, dry sausage, candy). There will be plates, knives and cups. As well, please make sure that the food can travel; we already had  problem in the past with some kind of cheese with a very short use-by date. The Intercultural evening will take place on the Monday evening.
There will be around 28 persons at this workshops (including participants and organisers).

"The presentation about the city should be only PowerPoint or can we make a video?"
You are more than welcome to produce a video. Just make sure that the duration of the presentation (video/powerpoint and speech) will not being longer than 10 minutes.